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Why Stay On Campus When ASU Off Campus Housing Offers So Much More?

by weRentAZ | 20th August, 2015

ASU off campus housingAre you attending Arizona State University this fall?  If so, now is definitely the time to research your housing options.  Sure, there are the dorms or apartments near campus…  but if you look into ASU off campus housing, you could be looking at a far more luxurious college experience.

Five Reasons Rental Homes Are The Best ASU Off Campus Housing

1 – Better Accommodations

Choices in on-campus housing are always slim at a major university.  Dorms are cramped, noisy, and subject to endless rules and regulations. Or, local apartments are likely to be among the worst-maintained in the city, since there’s always demand.  Landlords have no incentive to keep them up.

When compared to a spacious house that can be all yours, it’s hard to imagine sleeping in a tiny room with a roommate snoring ten feet away.

2 – Get More For Your Money

Yes, rental homes cost more than (some) on-campus housing, but perhaps not as much as you think!  Plus, you get so much more in the process:  A full kitchen, multiple bathrooms, a yard and potentially extra amenities like single- or multi-car garages or even a full-sized swimming pool.

There’s plenty of room for a roommate or two as well, without getting in each other’s way.  With the right friends along, you can get an amazing home for no more per-person than on-campus options.

3 – Grounds Maintenance Included

Renting a home from the right partner can mean less work for you.  WeRentHomesAZ offers full grounds work as part of the price, and that includes pool maintenance if you have one!  We take care of all that.

4 – Nicer Neighborhoods

Sure, some people want the loud party environment of a campus… but if you’re going to school to study, ASU off campus housing is definitely the way to go.  Phoenix-area rental homes are in established neighborhoods, which are quiet and peaceful compared to the chaos of the campus area.

5 – Convenient Locations

WeRentHomesAz has homes to rent throughout Phoenix and the surrounding areas, for those going to ASU branch campuses.  You can be within easy commuting distance of campus AND also in a prime spot to explore all the other great attractions that Arizona has to offer!

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