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Why go dorm when you can go off campus student housing?

by weRentAZ | 19th March, 2015

messy-dorm1If you’re a new or returning student attending Arizona State University or any of the other great colleges in the greater Phoenix area, we’ve got good news:  There’s a great alternative to dorm rooms in the form of off campus student housing!

Sure, dorm life is right for some people… but not everyone appreciates the constant noise, disruption, RA meddling, visitation rules, and all the other distractions that come along with dorms.  Plus, older students or non-traditional returnees aren’t going to be terribly enthused about living with Freshmen.

Instead, consider a rental home!  Just like apartments, they can be leased for long-term stays.  Plus with a roommate or two, the costs aren’t significantly higher than dorm rooms or apartments – and you’ll have so much more space to live in!

Why A Phoenix Rental Home Beats Dorm-Room Living

1 – Superior Accommodations

Neither dorms nor near-campus apartments are ever going to rate highly in terms of their accommodations.  In fact, they tend to be infamous for charging a premium while delivering as little as possible.

On the other hand, with a rental home, you get a full  property to live on.  Depending on the house you select, full amenities may be on offer, including external garages or even a swimming pool!  Yard care comes included as well, so you’ll have very few maintenance burdens beyond the basics of housecleaning.

2 – Peace and Quiet

It’s a wonder anyone ever manages to get any studying done in a dorm room, isn’t it?  Between the noise and the raids and the shared bathrooms and everything else, the environment is nearly nonstop chaos.  Near-campus apartments are rarely better, and often just feature the loud parties dorms don’t allow.

But off campus student housing in a rental home means you’re in a stable, secure residential area away from the parties.  Your home environment can be as quiet -or noisy- as you want.

3 – Flexible Leases

Unlike apartments, you aren’t necessarily locked into year-long contracts with a rental home.  If you know you’re leaving in the summer, you can negotiate a nine-month lease.   Plus, since rental agencies take responsibility for most upkeep issues, there’s also less chance of you being blamed (and fined) for problems in the house after moving out.

So if you’re looking to come to Phoenix for college, consider renting off campus student housing.  The price is competitive, and the advantages are numerous.   Copyrights 2014. All rights reserved.