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What You’ll Need When Moving Into ASU Rental Housing

by weRentAZ | 10th December, 2015

student housing rentalAre you getting ready for a move to Phoenix for the spring semester? Or just finally getting out of your parent’s house? A rental home can be a great option in ASU housing!

Since there are so many houses to rent in the Phoenix area, you can often get a rental home for only a little more than an apartment – and you get so many more amenities! With roommates, the price difference is often negligible.

Living in an ASU rental housing property is different from living on-campus, though. Here’s a quick guide to some of the things you’ll want to have to make your experience a good one.

Five Must-Haves When Renting Housing

1 – Furniture

Most rental homes are unfurnished, although fully-furnished homes are also available at extra cost. Luckily, the Phoenix area is full of secondhand stores which can make it extremely affordable to pick up any pieces of furniture you’re missing.

Sometimes even unfurnished houses will still have major appliances such as a refrigerator. Check with your landlord before buying anything!

2 – A Co-signer

While it’s not impossible, most incoming college students aren’t going to have sufficient credit to rent a home by themselves. If you’re looking at renting a property off-campus, even an apartment, there’s a very good chance you’ll need a co-signer on the lease. So it’s best to find a co-signer ahead of time.

3 – A Deposit

Any home off-campus is going to require a deposit before you move in, so plan ahead. This is usually one month’s rent plus a cleaning deposit. But you get it back when you move out, assuming the house or apartment has been well cared-for.

4 – Renter’s Insurance

Most rental companies don’t require you to carry renter’s insurance, but it’s a very very good idea. Insurance can protect you against theft and fire, as well as paying the bills if any physical accidents occur on the property.

5 – Cleaning Supplies

The good news with most rental housing properties is that the grounds will be cared for by the management company. The bad news is that the interior will be your responsibility. Your landlord will take care of maintenance, but basic day-to-day upkeep is your concern.

Be sure to keep up with cleaning, or you could risk your deposit.


A rental home can make your ASU experience amazing. Please contact us if you have any more questions about rental requirements.   Copyrights 2014. All rights reserved.