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The Arizona State Fair should be on your list of Things to do in Phoenix

by weRentAZ | 8th October, 2015

fair-680201_640If you’re looking for things to do in Phoenix in the fall, one of the first things that any local will recommend is the Arizona state fair.  Oddly, our state fair doesn’t really get much press, even though it’s an amazing event that spans weeks with plenty of attractions – especially the music scene.

This year, the state fair runs from October 16 to November 8 at the State Fairgrounds just off I-17 and I-10, and is absolutely chock full of things to do.  Whether you’re a local, a newly-arrived worker, or just here on holiday, its’s an absolute must-see.

Things To Do In Phoenix:  Our Great State Fair

1 – The Music

Most state fairs only attract local acts, but the Arizona state fair brings in true headline acts, and it’s constantly one of the biggest reasons to come join in the fun.  This year, the world-class talent includes Bret Michaels, Meatloaf, Rick Springfield, Jane’s Addiction, Flo Rida, Hanson, and nine-time Grammy winner Sheryl Crow.  It’s the best lineup you’ll find anywhere outside of a dedicated music festival, and it’s reason enough by itself to come check out the fair.

2 – A Full Midway

Our state fair’s midway isn’t the usual tired collection of worn-out carny rides that have been touring the circuit for too many years.  We have literally dozens of different rides and attractions, including multiple roller coasters, car-based rides, mazes, and even a full Haunted Mansion!

The midway uses the traditional carnival ticket system, and numbers are limited, so we highly advise buying your tickets ahead of time to ensure you can get in on all the fun.  Open-pass wristbands are also available for thrill-lovers.

3 – So Many Attractions

There are so many things to do at the Arizona state fair in 2015, we couldn’t possibly list them all.  Just a few of the options include a full petting zoo, a live hypnotist, a Chevy Truck extravaganza, a full demolition derby, and an entire exhibit dedicated to UFO encounters.  No matter what your interests, there’s guaranteed to be something to catch your fancy at the state fair.

Stay In Style While You Visit The State Fair

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