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The Arizona Ironman Race Is Great For Participants AND Spectators!

by weRentAZ | 22nd October, 2015

triathalon-cycling-racer-618750_640There’s a nearly endless list of things to do in Phoenix, and the list keeps growing. The greater Phoenix area is one of the country’s fastest-growing regions, with more businesses and more residents moving here every day. That means there’s constantly things to see and do, and often with a unique twist.

The Arizona Ironman competition is a great example of this. It’s a highly unique race, even among other Ironman-style events, thanks to the elements that make Phoenix special.

Things To Do In Phoenix: The Ironman Triathlon

So what makes the Arizona Ironman different than all the others?

First off, it’s held in November – Nov 15, to be exact- which is one of the last major competitions in the calendar year. This is, of course, due to Arizona’s brutal summer heat. However, it means that athletes have the option of training all summer for it, and coming in fresh. Or, those who focus on summer competitions can still perform again in November after having time to rest.

Indeed, Arizona in November is one of the nicest places and climates you could ask for, with days that are warm without being hot, and nights that are cool without being cold.

Another difference is that nearly all of the Arizona Ironman competition takes place within the Phoenix metro area, rather than being focused on more remote locations in the wilderness. This makes it very friendly to spectators, ensuring it’s easy to get a good view, and with plenty of facilities available throughout the event. That fact that the landscape is generally quite flat also helps people find great views.

Additionally, Arizona currently has some of the best and most affordable rental home options on the market today. A visitor coming to Phoenix or Tempe for Ironman, whether competing or spectating, can stay in an amazing rental property for not much more than a hotel room would cost in other cities!

Come For Ironman, And Stay In Style

This all adds up to an Arizona Ironman experience that’s like no other. Arizona has the climate, the landscape, and the easy access to services to make it one of the single best races in the country. And when you’re staying in a great rental home, it makes the experience all the better.

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