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Summer Is Coming To Arizona, But You Can Still Beat The Heat!

by weRentAZ | 11th June, 2015

Arizona in summerArizona is known throughout the country for its incredible, pristine landscapes and clear, clean air.  The Phoenix area is one of the best and most popular spots in all of America for hiking and nature explorations.

Unfortunately, Arizona is also known for getting very hot in the summer.  Such is life in the desert.

However, it’s not too late to come enjoy Arizona’s natural beauty!  June is generally considered the last month where nature hiking can still be enjoyable, before the summer heat takes over entirely during July-September.   Plus, if you’re staying in one of our fully furnished homes for rent in Phoenix, that means coming home to air-conditioning!

Now, we tend to recommend new visitors avoid the Cholla Trail.  While it’s certainly unique having a mountain in the middle of the city, it’s also downright teeming with tourists this time of year.   There are much better -and much less crowded- hiking options.

Three Amazing Phoenix-Area Nature Hikes To Enjoy This June

1 – Papago Park

We can say, without much reservation, that Papago Park -overlooking Tempe- offers some of the best sunset views you will find anywhere in the world.  Its huge sandstone bluffs give the landscape an alien quality, while easy low-elevation trails are perfect for hiking families or recreational biking.

Plus, it also contains the Phoenix Zoo and our Botanical Gardens!

2 – Wind Cave Trail

If there are any spelunking enthusiasts in your group, Wind Cave Trail is a must-see.  Besides being a spectacular (but somewhat difficult) climb, there is a cave to explore at the end of it.  Plus, behind the cave is an non-maintained “at your own risk” path which is still quite navigable, and leads to an amazing summit view.

(Just be wary of the large beehive behind the cave, although they’re accustomed to visitors.)

3 – Pinnacle Peak

What we love about Pinnacle Peak (a relatively easy 1.75mi climb) is its nighttime tours.  You’re out of the sun and seeing desert night life at its finest, along with one of the best views of the stars at night this side of Texas.  There’s simply no comparison to glimpsing the milky way through a totally clear desert sky.

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