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Snowbirds Can Find Fully-Furnished Nests In Phoenix

by weRentAZ | 25th December, 2014

fully-furnished nests for snowbirdsEvery year, hundreds of thousands flock from up north to enjoy the clear skies, sunny days, and comfortably cool nights of the Arizona desert.  The Phoenix area is one of the single most popular destinations for people fleeing the winter, and for good reason.  The summers here might get a bit warm, but in the winter there are few more pleasant places to live anywhere in the country.

Better yet, there are plenty of furnished homes for rent in the area.  There’s no need to spend money hauling in (or purchasing) furniture, and you get far better accommodations than you’d get from all but the most expensive hotels and more space than in any apartment.

The right home can make your Arizona winters even better.

Furnished Homes For Rent Make Sense For Phoenix Snowbirds

1 – Easy rental terms

Houses are available to rent by the day, week, or month.  The term of your stay can be worked out entirely ahead of time, including payment schedules, and all of it is guaranteed by contract.  A rental home eliminates the uncertainty that comes with month-by-month apartment rentals, and there won’t be any pressure to commit to any more time than you plan on staying.

After all, many apartments will refuse to rent if someone won’t commit for a year.  That quickly drives up the price of local housing.

2 – Guaranteed management and care

While, of course, you’d be responsible for basic care of the home, otherwise all management of a furnished rental property is handled by the property managers.  You’ll have people regularly coming to care for the grounds and handle any maintenance problems that might occur.

Plus, house rental firms own their own properties and have a real vested interest in their upkeep, more than your average absentee apartment manager.  You’ll get a 24/7 contact number that guarantees rapid response to ANY issues that arise.   Housekeeping services may also be available, depending on the landlord.

You’ll never have to make more than one call, or find yourself asking the landlord why it’s been a week and your leaky pipes still haven’t been fixed.

3 – All the amenities of home

We don’t skimp on the furnished homes for rent in Phoenix!  You get luxurious furnishings, often including real wood and leather, along with all the other bonuses of home ownership such as a real garage.  Some properties even include high-end amenities such as your own swimming pool or hot tub.  (And, of course, that’s also cared for by management.)

Space is at a premium in many of the northern cities.  Here in Phoenix, it’s open air and open desert.  We have more space to move around in, and so does our housing.

4 – Convenient locations throughout the area

No matter what your interests are, you can find a great rental home nearby in Phoenix or in the greater metropolitan area.  Whether you’re looking at nature hikes, or stargazing, or golfing, or just enjoying all the modern luxuries of downtown Phoenix, there’s a rental home that will put you in the heart of the action.

Why Choose A Tiny Roost?

You’ve got a lot of options for winter housing in Phoenix, so why live in a tiny hotel or apartment?  You could have a spacious, fully-furnished house for the entire time you stay, with easy rental terms and great amenities.

There are few better winter homes than Phoenix, and there’s still housing available – although it’s going fast.  Contact WeRentHomesAZ today for pricing, dates, and availability options!   Copyrights 2014. All rights reserved.