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Secure Your Primary Home Before Moving Into a Phoenix Rental Home!

by weRentAZ | 25th November, 2015

Phoenix rental homeRight now, there’s a boom in Phoenix rental homes and they’re luring in people from across the country to beautiful Arizona. Some are coming for vacations and the clear desert air, and others are coming to work in one of the fastest-growing economic hubs in America. But many are leaving their homes and are here for the winter.

One thing we hate to hear about, however, is whenever one of our visitors has to leave early due to problems at their main residence. Even if you’re only leaving your primary home for a few days, it’s vital to do everything possible to safeguard it in your absence. Otherwise, you might find your vacation or work interrupted with very bad news.

Keeping Your Home Safe While Enjoying a Phoenix Rental Home

1 – Tell trusted people you’re leaving.

Plenty of groups keep an eye out for properties that seem to be abandoned, whether they’re professional criminals or just kids looking for a place to party. Often, the best security measure you can take is simply making sure that someone is keeping an eye on the property, whether it’s a friend or neighbor, or the property owner if you’re renting.

2 – Arrange for lawn maintenance.

One of the biggest clues a property is empty is that its lawn becomes overgrown. It might cost a little, but simply hiring someone to keep the lawn mowed and the bushes trimmed is significant insurance against break-in or worse.

3 – Hold your mail.

The post office will hold all your mail until you return, if you just ask. It’s a free service, so there’s no reason not to take advantage of it. Like an unkempt lawn, a visible pile of mail or full mailbox is another sign to miscreants that your home is empty.

4 – Unplug everything.

Many don’t realize it, but nearly all consumer electronics and appliances consume power, even when they’re “off” or in standby mode. Unplug everything that isn’t absolutely essential before leaving, to save money and reduce risks of fire.

For long trips, consider emptying or giving away whatever’s in your fridge and unplugging that too. Most of the food would spoil anyway.

5 – Check up from time to time.

Keep in contact with whoever is watching the property, just to make sure there aren’t any unexpected surprises waiting when you get home.

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