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Scottsdale Arts Festival Is Right Around The Corner!

by weRentAZ | 16th December, 2016
People around the country are just beginning to learn what a well-kept secret the greater Phoenix/Scottsdale art scene has become.  While other “weird” cities like Portland and Austin are beginning to get over-exposed and over-commercialized, local arts and music in Arizona are flourishing.

If you’ve never gotten a taste of the Arizona arts before, the perfect opportunity is right around the corner:  The Annual Scottsdale Arts Festival.

See The Best And Brightest Of Arizona At The Arts Festival!

Running throughout the weekend of March 10-12, 2017, the Scottsdale Arts Festival has a huge variety of things to do that will please just about any arts-lover in the family.   As one of the biggest such festivals in the year here, it regularly attracts all our top acts and artists.

At the Scottsdale Arts Festival, you’ll get to experience:

Visual Arts:  There will be more than 170 separate artists showing off (and often selling) their wares in every kind of medium you might want.  Paintings, ceramics, textiles, jewelry, and even digital art will all be represented.

Music:  The Phoenix/Scottsdale area is particularly coming to be known for its thriving music scene, and you’ll get to hear nearly-nonstop music from many of the state’s greatest up-and-coming indie bands along with some older favorites.

Food:  There are plenty of culinary delights to sample as well, from full settings to a variety of food trucks and stands.  Every year showcases the uniqueness of Arizona cuisine, with its mix of southwestern, classic, and modern styles.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  There’s also going to be an art auction, walking tours of the city, interactive art activities for the kids, a giant games garden, and so much more.

Plus, it doesn’t even cost that much to attend.  Prices are currently $15 for a two-day pass, $5 for students, and children under 12 are free.

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