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Rental Housing Is The Best Option For Incoming ASU Students

by weRentAZ | 8th April, 2016

If you’re a student looking to attend ASU during the 2016/17 school year, you have real alternatives to the traditional student housing.  Thanks to the large number of rental homes on the market in the greater Phoenix area, you could truly live in style while still having a conveniently short commute to campus!

Rental Housing Is The Best Option For Incoming ASU Students

When it comes to housing for the 2016/17 school year, you of course would have the traditional options at your disposal.

There’s the dorms, and all that implies.  Living in a loud, crowded space in tiny one-room “apartments” which you’re going to be sharing with at least one roommate.  Plus, there’s the multitude of rules and regulations involved, not to mention the complete lack of privacy when RAs have the power to search your room pretty much whenever they feel like it.

Yeah, some people play up the “dorm experience” as a major part of college, but we just don’t see it being worth the expense or bother.

Or there’s the nearby apartment blocks.  You at least get some privacy in those, but they’re virtually guaranteed to be poorly-maintained, as well as costing far more than an equivalent apartment anywhere else. Landlords who own near-campus housing basically have no incentive to do more than the bare minimum for their apartments’ upkeep, since there’s always demand.

But on the other hand…  for only a little more money, you could get a large fully-furnished home with all the amenities, as well as plenty of room for housemates to co-exist in comfort.  Or, to save money, look for an unfurnished home which can be cheaply outfitted with thrift-store furniture or your own furnishings.

For ASU students, it’s the best of all possible worlds.

Great Living, Great Educations

With a rental home, there’s simply no compromise.  You get a full house with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as loads of living space.  Optional bonuses are possible as well, such as real multi-car garages or even a full swimming pool.  You also get 24/7 on-call maintenance when you need help, unlike most apartments.  And with more room for roommates, you could easily find yourself in a situation where you’re paying less per-person than you would for campus housing!

So if you want housing alternatives for the 2016/17 school year, contact WeRentHomesAZ and ask about your options.   Copyrights 2014. All rights reserved.