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Phoenix-Area Furnished Rentals Are A Perfect Corporate Housing Solution

by weRentAZ | 9th July, 2015

furnished homesThe Phoenix area continues to boom in both population and business, making this one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the country.  Companies from all over are looking towards Phoenix for our relatively low cost-of-living, and our highly business-friendly state laws.

Well, add this to your list of reasons to consider Phoenix:  We have some of the most affordable options in fully furnished rentals in the country.  When you take advantage of the business opportunities in Phoenix, you can truly stay in style.

Three Ways Phoenix Furnished Rentals Make Good Business Sense

1 – Your employees can live in comfort.

A happy worker is a productive worker, and there’s plenty to be happy about when they (or you!) are staying in a fully-furnished Arizona rental home.  They feature fully-maintained grounds and 24×7 on-call maintenance staff, stylish interiors with plenty of rooms, and optional amenities such as one- or two-car garages.  You can get a style of living that’s far more comfortable than any other short- and mid-term housing alternatives.

Plus, swimming pools are available on some houses – with maintenance included, of course.  There’s simply no better way to beat the heat during these long summer months.

2 – Furnished rentals allow you to entertain in style.  

Our homes are in nice neighborhoods, near many of the great attractions in the Phoenix area.  When it’s time to entertain clients, there’s no need to rent out expensive spaces.  One of our fully-furnished homes with pool included can be a personable and secluded setting for hashing out business deals.

While big hotels surely offer a viable choice, the truth is this approach can many times increase costs, specifically with extended stays. As an option, today companies & organizations are turning to fully furnished apartments on rent for clients & employees.

For larger gatherings, both the yard and the house can be used.  The indoor furnishings can easily match up to the expectations of clients who want assurance you’re serious about success.

3 – Affordable rates.

The Arizona housing market is currently flooded with properties, driving prices down.  Many of these are being purchased by rental companies as investment opportunities, creating an unusual situation where rental homes can be had for not much more than apartments or other smaller rental units.  On a per-square-foot basis, they’re often significantly more affordable.

This makes Phoenix-area furnished rentals a superior option to apartments or hotels in nearly every category – especially considering the effect such houses will have on the morale of your most valuable team members.

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