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A Payson Autumn Is Like Nowhere Else In Arizona

by weRentAZ | 30th October, 2014

Payson ArizonaOften called “The Heart of Arizona,” Payson is located in the mountains near the center of the state, and is one of our favorite getaway spots.  Located nearly 5,000 feet above sea level, Payson enjoys mild temperatures year-round along with some of the cleanest air you’re likely to find.

It’s also surrounded by a series of spectacular mountain vistas, flowing rivers, and teeming forests.  There are few better areas for an Arizona vacation if you want to enjoy outdoor adventures without sweltering in the sun, especially in the fall.  In fact, up in Payson, you’ll want a coat in the autumn evening!  Nighttime lows are 40F or lower.

Plus, Payson also has a great range of exciting fall events that might even keep the nature-lovers in town.

Let’s take a look…

Experiencing Autumn With A Payson Arizona Vacation

1 – Tonto Natural Bridge State Park

Located just 10 miles north of Payson, Tonto State Park showcases some of the most spectacular natural stonework in the Southwest.  A series of waterfalls carved limestone over the millennia to create the largest known natural limestone bridge in the world.  The view of the waterfalls is truly spectacular, and the park has several short nature hikes which can be completed easily.

2 – Rim Road

Winding along the Mongollon Rim between H87 and H260, the “Rim Road” comprises Farm Roads 300, 321, and 95 and shows off some of the most pristine and untouched mountainside left in the United States.  When the weather is good – and so far this year, it’s been great – the Rim Road offers fifty miles of incredible fall colors.

Be warned, these farm roads are largely made of dirt and left alone so as to not disturb the natural environment.  Should the weather turn bad, Rim Road may be closed for safety.

3 – ARToberFest  (Oct 17-19)

Instead of Ocktoberfest, Payson celebrates ARToberFest, one of Arizona’s biggest showcases of locally-made handcrafted goods and artwork, including a jury handing out awards for the best.  The “Best Little Art Show In Arizona” also features Payson’s own Jazz Trio for entertainment, bringing style and showmanship to the Payson autumn.

4 – Trunk Or Treat

If you’re here for Halloween with the little ones, they’re going to love the annual Trunk or Treat festival on Payton’s historic Main St.  This year’s theme is taken out of The Wizard of Oz, with children following the Yellow Brick Road alongside Dorothy…  along with Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella.  (We’re not entirely sure why either, but the kids will love it.)

Plus, it’s TRUNK or Treat because children can help decorate the trunks holding this year’s candy supply!

5 – Turkey Trot  (Nov 22)

If you’ll be in Payson around Thanksgiving instead, just in time for the falling of the last leafs, consider joining into the annual charity fun run!  This 5K jog shows off the spectacular sights around town.  Registration is $40, and participants get a free Turkey Trot sweatshirt.

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