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Off Campus Housing for Students Near ASU

by weRentAZ | 21st August, 2014

Heather #1 FrontageIf you’re attending Arizona State University and are in at least your second year, you can live in off campus housing rather than staying in the dorms – and we certainly can’t blame you if you move out.

There are options all over the Tempe and Scottsdale area for housing near ASU, and let’s be honest:  Most of them are apartments which are over-priced, under-maintained, and often in areas which are noisier than the dorms!  Sure, some people want to be surrounded by 24/7 keggers, but you’re not going to get much studying done that way.

So what’s the alternative?  Rent a house instead!  Especially if you have some roommates along, the per-person costs can be roughly equivalent to apartment living, except in vastly nicer surroundings!

Why Off Campus Housing Rentals Makes Sense For ASU Students

1 – Live In Style

Have you ever been in an off-campus apartment that really looked like someplace you want to live?  Most of them are run-down, stained, and generally well-worn.

On the other hand, with a rental home, you get big bedrooms, full-size living rooms, a garage, and potentially even amenities like swimming pools!  (Availability limited.)  It’s not hard to see which would be a nicer home.

2 – All-Hours Maintenance 

The phrase “like pulling teeth” was probably invented to describe the process of getting an apartment landlord to do any maintenance.  On the other hand, when you rent a house, you’re renting from people who own and care about the property.  If there’s a problem, they’ll actually take care of it in timely fashion, rather than ignoring your complaints for months.

3 – Great Public Transportation

Off campus student housing doesn’t mean you’re in for a long commute.  The greater Phoenix metro area has a solid public transportation system, and ASU regularly runs shuttles around the surrounding areas.

Even if you don’t have a car to go in the garage, you can get back and forth between campus and your rented home quickly and easily.  Plus, most of them are close enough that biking to school becomes an option as well!

Think Bigger For Your Student Housing

Don’t get stuck in nearby apartments.  If you rent your off campus student housing, you’ll get a great deal and living in far nicer surroundings than anything you’ll see near ASU.

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