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Musicians Of All Ages Will Love Phoenix’s Musical Instrument Museum!

by weRentAZ | 19th February, 2015

MIM drums of the worldDo you love music?  If so, a trip to the Musical Instrument Museum is one of the things to do in Phoenix that you simply cannot miss.  This one-of-a-kind Phoenix attraction is the only major museum in the world devoted to global music, from its tribal roots to the most modern electronic music-makers science has created.

In fact, if you’re staying in Phoenix for several months -such as in our excellent long-term rental houses– you could find yourself going back to the MIM month after month to explore their constantly-evolving sets of exhibitions!

Things To Do In Phoenix: The Amazing MIM!

The Musical Instrument Museum features over 360 individual exhibits, covering virtually every era and style of music in the world.  No matter where your musical interests lie, there’s something here to entertain you.

If reliving the greats is your thing, you’ll love their Artist Gallery.  They have artifacts from a list of the most important musicians of the 20th Century and beyond, including an amazing standing collection and rotating artist features.  Currently, you could explore the history of Johnny Cash and the legendary Carter family, or jump to the future and explore Taylor Swift’s rise from American Idol winner to being one of the most powerful women in music.

Or, if you’re a percussion fan, you’re in for a real treat.  For the first half of 2015, the MIM is hosting a gigantic “Drums Of The World” exhibition that truly lives up to its name.  From ancient tribal drums, to Indian tablas, to a full drumset from Credence Clearwater Revival, there’s something to entrance every drummer here.

If you’re bringing kids – or you just like getting hands-on – you could spend entire days in their Experience Collection.  Every instrument in this gallery can be played.  Try new instruments you’ve never gotten to lay hands on, or join in an impromptu drum jam!

You can even explore the world of automatically-created music in their Mechanical Music Gallery with a range of engineering marvels both new and old.  The MIM showcases some of the most impressive examples of mechanical music, complete with animatronics in many cases!

Enhance Your Phoenix Experience

There are so many things to do in Phoenix, it’s hard to know where to start.  But for music-lovers, there is only one MIM and it’s unique in the world.  When you’re planning your Phoenix stay, please make sure to include it!   Copyrights 2014. All rights reserved.