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Make The Move Into A Phoenix Rental Home Easier On Your Kids

by weRentAZ | 6th August, 2015

moving kids in PhoenixMore people than ever are coming to the Phoenix area for jobs and other opportunities, and often that means uprooting the family.  With a Phoenix rental home being as affordable as they are right now, they’re a great option for relocation whether it’s short term or long term.

A move is never easy on a child.  But with school starting up in most of Arizona in August, it’s time to start thinking about how to make the transition as easy for them as possible.

Five Ways To Make Moving Easier On Your Family

1 – Involve your children in the process.

There’s no point trying to hide a move from most kids – they’ll know something is wrong, and get even more scared trying to find out what it is.  Giving them warning gives them more time to adjust, and it also allows them to participate in the process.  They can help look at brochures, or potentially even go along on visits to your favorite choices in Phoenix rental homes or other accommodations.

2 – Understand that everything will be new to them.

Unless they’ve moved several times already, moving is hard on children because they aren’t accustomed to change.  Everything suddenly becomes unfamiliar.  Something as simple as getting a snack from the fridge will seem like a chore, in strange territory.  Be patient with them.

3 – Let them choose their room layout.

This is another great way to get them involved or even excited about the process.  If you work with them to decide what their room will look like, before it’s set up, it will make the final layout feel far more familiar to them from the start.   After all, they helped design it.

4 – Say goodbye to the old neighborhood.

Set aside a day, or at least an afternoon, to go tour favorite spots in town “one last time.”  Even if you’re only moving a few miles.  Make a meal at their favorite local restaurant one of the last things you do.   It’ll help your children gain closure and acceptance of the move.

5 – Tour the new neighborhood. 

Likewise, to help them get ready for school, drive or walk around the area so they can see the sights.  If you call ahead in the summer, you can usually tour the school campus as well.  This will make what’s ahead seem more familiar.

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