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Landscape Issues to Consider in Phoenix Rental Homes

by weRentAZ | 13th November, 2014

homes for rentAs winter approaches, this is a great time to investigate Phoenix rental homes.  Whether you’re just coming here to enjoy the crisp desert air for a few days, or you’re one of the many coming for a longer stay in one of America’s fastest-growing cities, a rental home provides a style of living that hotels and apartments can’t provide.

However, if you’re coming for a lengthy stay, there are important matters to work out with the landlord beforehand, especially regarding proper treatment of the rental home.  Today, we wanted to focus on the exterior landscape, and what you should look for.

Important Tips Regarding Your Rental Home Landscaping Issues

1 – Maintaining the yard.

Per your lease, it is up to the tenant to maintain the yard per city, or HOA code, which ever might apply to where your home is located. Be prepared to do some yard maintenance or pay someone to do it for you. 

2 – Let the water system run.

Some well-meaning people shut off the outside water feed, ostensibly to save water and/or money.  Unfortunately, this just kills the lawn, trees and bushes, especially when yard care is only done every couple weeks.  That makes for a very expensive repair and violates the lease.

3 – Ask what pesticides and other chemicals are used.

Most professional lawn care utilizes chemicals in their work.  Your landlord should be able to provide a full list of what’s involved, so you can ensure there aren’t any allergy issues with your family or non pet friendly chemicals.

4 – Planting garden seeds.

Generally, rental home owners frown on renters planting their own bushes, trees, or gardens.  However, it’s up to them.  Do not plant anything without the owner or manager’s prior permission, or you could violate your lease.

5 – Pet issues.

If you’re planning on bringing pets to your rental home, be sure to discuss the exterior as well as the interior when it comes to pet-related damage.  A dog digging up a professionally-sodded lawn or bushes can cause at least as much in repair and replacement costs as a dog tearing up a wall.

Again, bringing up these issues beforehand will make your rental a better experience for everyone.

Are You Coming To The Phoenix Metro Area?

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