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It’s Not Too Early To Be Making Your Arizona Spring Training 2017 Plans!

by weRentAZ | 23rd September, 2016
If you’re a baseball fan, we don’t need to tell you what a big deal the Cactus League is.  No spring training event is so loved or so popular, with the Phoenix area now regularly pulling in millions of tourists who come to see their favorite teams begin the new season.

The Spring Training 2017 Cactus League schedule has already been announced and, as in previous years, there’s more great action coming up than any single fan could hope to take in.  Multiple games in a single day are happening often, meaning there is simply NO better time or place for the baseball devout to meet up.

Plus, of course, there’s plenty of minor-league action as well, which enjoys greater popularity thanks to all the baseball fans flocking to the area.

There’s every reason to think that Spring Training 2017 in Arizona will enjoy the same levels of popularity of previous Cactus League events.  Here at WeRentHomesAZ, we’re already receiving inquiries and reservations for the upcoming spring, which is why we’re urging interested baseball fans to act now to ensure they can get the best possible accommodations during the events.

Reserve A Rental Home Now For Arizona Spring Training 2017

The closer it gets to March 2017, the slimmer the accommodation choices are going to get.  Fans are going to be looking at dingy hotel rooms, and probably located a very long way from the stadiums.

On the other hand, if you know the Cactus League is in your future, you could reserve the best possible space to stay in: a fully-furnished, luxurious vacation rental home.  The greater Phoenix and Tempe area is fully of great homes to rent, each fully-maintained and immaculate when it’s time to move in.

And thanks to the huge number of rentals on the market, prices can be surprisingly low!  If you’re coming as part of a group, the rental could actually be quite comparable to a nicer hotel – except with much more in the bargain.

Our rental homes have multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, fully-decked out kitchens, and spacious living areas.  Back yards are common, often with their own amenities such as BBQ areas or even maintained swimming pools!  Plus, most of them are located within easy and convenient driving distance of the stadiums.

So, don’t put off reservations until it’s too late.  Contact WeRentHomesAZ today and ensure your Cactus League 2017 experience is extraordinary.   Copyrights 2014. All rights reserved.