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Have Family in the Phoenix or Tempe Area? Hold Your Thanksgiving 2016 Get-Together In Style!

by weRentAZ | 16th September, 2016

Few American traditions are more beloved and time-honored than the Thanksgiving get-together.  Very soon, people will be flying all over the country to visit their loved ones and celebrate this cherished holiday.

Of course, this can also create substantial logistical problems.  One person’s house is often not big enough to hold all the family members flying in, especially if they aren’t set up to accommodate a large number of guests.  This often means family members having to rent hotel rooms, or finding other cramped accommodations.  It adds stress and bother to a holiday which should be focused on family fun.

However, if Phoenix or Tempe, AZ, is your destination for Thanksgiving 2016, there’s a great alternative.  The greater Phoenix area has a booming market for fully-furnished rental homes, with prices often surprisingly low compared to everything you get!  One of these rental homes can easily be large enough to host an entire family, providing a convenient way to enjoy each other’s company while living the good life.

Why Rent A Tempe Home For Thanksgiving 2016

1 – No Preparation Needed

Often, preparing a person’s home to host a lot of Thanksgiving guests is more worth and trouble than even cooking the meal!  However, when you move into a rental home, everything is set up and ready the moment you arrive.  From the bedrooms to the back yard, everything is immaculate.

2 – Full Kitchens Included

The kitchen is often the focus of a rental home, so you’re not going to be dealing with cramped cooking areas.  Many homes have recently been renovated with amazing features like granite countertops!  It might even be easier to cook a full meal in a rental home than in a family’s regular house.

3 – Fully-Furnished And Beautiful Bedrooms

The bedrooms in our Tempe-area rental homes are large and immaculate, often featuring full wood or leather furnishing.  They’re spacious and comfortable, free of clutter, and waiting to give you a great night’s sleep.

4 – Backyard Amenities Available

While it varies from home to home, many of the rental houses on the market feature excellent backyards as well, giving you even more options for enjoying Thanksgiving 2016.  Outdoor cooking facilities are often included, and some homes even have swimming pools!  And in Arizona, of course, swimming is still an option even in November.

If you’re ready to do Thanksgiving 2016 in style, contact WeRentHomesAZ today for pricing and availability!   Copyrights 2014. All rights reserved.