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Be A Good Tenant In Your Rental Home

by weRentAZ | 22nd December, 2015

good rental home tenantThe Phoenix area continues to boom in both industry and tourism, making Phoenix rentals a hot commodity among young professionals as well as vacationers.

Of course, as a tenant, you have certain responsibilities as well.  If you understand what will be expected of you, your experience with Phoenix rentals home will go a lot more smoothly.

Here’s a short list of the most important rules to follow!

Seven Tenant’s Responsibilities In A Phoenix Rental Home

1 – Pay the bill on time.

If you’re on a short-term lease, a landlord will usually not give much leeway on the rent.  Contact them immediately if any issues might prevent payment so they don’t begin the eviction process.

2 – Maintain the property.

In short, you are expected to pick up your own trash and make a good-faith effort not to damage the house or surrounding grounds.  In most cases, maintaining the property will be a shared responsibility of the renter and homeowner.

3 – No off-lease guests.

If you’re going to host a friend for a day or two, you don’t have to let your landlord know.  However, allowing a long-term guest to live in your rental home who isn’t on the lease can incur steep penalties, or potentially even legal action.

4 – Don’t fix it yourself.

Any maintenance issues should be brought immediately to your landlord – don’t try any DIY repairs.  Reputable Arizona rentals will include a 24-hour support line to handle any maintenance problems when they happen.

5 – Keep pets under control.

A cat clawing up walls or a dog digging in the yard can quickly do huge damage to a house’s value, which the pet owner will have to pay for.  In worst-case scenarios, overtly destructive or dangerous pets can be grounds for eviction.

While many landlords allow pets (with fees), think twice about bringing one if it’s likely to have discipline problems.

6 – Stay within the law.

Any illegal activity that happens on a rental property can be grounds for immediate no-warning eviction and potential legal charges.  It’s just not worth the risk.

7 – Leave when you’re supposed to.

If you’re on a fixed-term lease, abide by it.  If you’re paying month-by-month, you should give your landlord 30 days’ notice. The only exception are active Armed Forces members, who can give 15 days’ notice.

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