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Getting To Know The Neighborhood Around Your New Tempe Rental Home

by weRentAZ | 11th February, 2016

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So many options in Tempe rentals means there’s a lot more people moving into the Tempe area. Are you one of them?

After all, Tempe isn’t “just” another suburb of Phoenix – it’s a thriving community of its own, with plenty of options for dining, recreation, the arts, and nighttime diversions! If you’re moving here, you should take time to get to know your neighborhood and all the options you have in it.

So, here are a few suggestions for anyone who’s taking advantage of the great Tempe rentals market!

Four Great Ways To Get To Know The Tempe Area

1 – Take a drive.

Just about everyone has a GPS or cell phone with mapping on it, so it’s nearly impossible to get lost these days. One of the best ways to learn a new neighborhood is just to spend an hour or two driving around it.

We especially recommend taking both a daytime drive and a nighttime drive. At night, you should take note of how well-lit the streets are and how generally secure your neighborhood looks. This can be vital information, when planning your evenings.

2 – Look for nearby services.

You’ll probably want to make note of the closest examples of these organizations you can find:

  • Gas station
  • Grocery store
  • Pharmacy
  • Mall or shopping complex
  • Public park
  • Library
  • Police station
  • School / University

Making a note of their locations in a mapping app as you drive around will make your first weeks much easier, and ensure you know where to go for the essentials in life.

3 – Check the official website.

Tempe has a great official tourism website with suggestions for newcomers and locals alike. From outright “touristy” destinations to dining guides, flipping through this should give you a lot of good ideas on how to spend your time.

4 – Make some future plans.

Downtown Tempe has great nightlife, and often boasts live entertainment to rival Phoenix. So while you’re looking at websites, we also recommend checking out the official list of Live Downtown Events. Besides introducing you to local culture, it’s also a great way to start meeting people who live in the area.

We have events for all ages, so Downtown can be fun for kids as well as adults!


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