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Five Questions To Ask Before Renting A Home In Arizona

by weRentAZ | 12th November, 2015

5 home rental questionsWith so many homes for rent in Arizona, Phoenix is becoming one of the top destinations in the country for both business and pleasure. Whether you’re coming here for a short or mid-term job, or to enjoy the beautiful desert during the cool fall season, you can stay in style in Phoenix while paying less than many cities charge for tiny apartments.

If you’re looking for homes in the Phoenix area, doing research beforehand is a must. Renting a home can be more complicated than renting an apartment or hotel room, and asking smart questions can avoid unpleasant surprises.

Questions To Ask When Investigating Homes For Rent In Arizona

1) Who owns and maintains the property?

This is the most crucial question, because out-of-state owners are likely to be lax about property maintenance. You want to look for owners or property managers who are in-state, and preferably nearby, so that you know any problems will be investigated immediately.

In the home rental world, the sorts of delays in maintenance that are common among apartments is simply unacceptable. Make sure you deal with a company that’s serious about upkeep.

2) How furnished is ‘furnished’?

If the property is advertised as furnished, make sure you see pictures of the major rooms or get a list of all furniture and appliances included. Some ‘furnished’ homes out there are half-furnished at best, and may be missing vital appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, or microwaves.

3) Do they offer or require homeowner’s insurance?

There’s no state-level requirement for rental homes to carry homeowner’s insurance, so this is solely up to the property owner. Some may even have mandatory insurance hidden in the contract, specifically to add costs which aren’t advertised.

4) Are utilities included and, if so, which?

Answers to this can vary wildly from owner to owner, so it’s a good idea to ask beforehand. If water, power, or Internet aren’t included by default, you may have to set them up yourself before moving in.

5) Is there a discount for longer stays?

As with other rental properties, rental home managers may offer discounts for signing longer contracts. You may be able to negotiate a much better price if you’re flexible about your scheduling or interested in staying in the Phoenix area for longer than you initially planned.

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