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Finding Superior Short Term Housing In Arizona

by weRentAZ | 28th November, 2014

Arizona golf courseSnowbirds everywhere are flocking to Arizona, one of the most popular winter getaways in America.  During the winter, our hot desert becomes mild and temperate, with absolutely gorgeous nights that combine clear air and crisp light-jacket temperatures.

Or during the day, it’s a great opportunity to see the wonders of America’s southwest desert, without sweltering the whole way. Many visitors play a round of golf in our ideal golfer’s weather.

That means there’s also a high demand in Arizona for short term housing.  Vacation homes or unfurnished rentals are one of the main ways that snowbirds prefer to live when they’re staying in The Copper State.

So what should you look for in great short term housing?

Four Signs You’re Picking A Great Arizona Rental Home

1 – The Rental Company Owns The Home

One thing you do not want in short term housing is an absentee landlord.  These aren’t apartments, and they need much more care and attention to keep them looking nice over the years.  When the landlord or rental company owns their own properties, that means they have a true investment in them.

Their property values are on the line, after all.  So they’re going to be much more interested in keeping the property in good condition, as compared to an absentee apartment owner who really only cares about occupancy rates.

2 – Maintenance Included

In addition to #1, your rental property owner should also be handling all of the maintenance and upkeep themselves, including regular visits from professional landscapers.  This is, in fact, one of the biggest benefits to renting a vacation home.  The general upkeep should NOT be your concern, beyond the basics of cleaning up your own messes.

(And for that matter, you might inquire as to whether the property owner has a housekeeping service they use or recommend.)

3 – Twenty-Four Hour Response

Another problem that’s familiar to far too many apartment-dwellers is that of a landlord who’s unwilling to respond to trouble in a timely manner, if ever.   When you’re engaging in a short-term rental -which could still last for months- you should have reassurance that your landlord IS going to be there when you need assistance.

The best properties keep staff available 24/7, specifically to deal with any issues when they happen.  Your premium housing shouldn’t be undercut by subpar support services.

4 – Swimming Pools And Other Amenities

Why skimp?  Even though the average winter temperature in Arizona is quite pleasant most of the time, the individual daily highs can still sometimes reach 80 or more.  You’re likely to get a lot of enjoyment out of a pool even in the middle of winter.

Amenities like full garages or swimming pools constitute another significant advantage of a vacation home, compared to apartments and other smaller rentals.  Look for a rental home that can give you the “full package” of options, and you’ll be living the good life in Arizona.

It’s Not Too Late To Rent Your Dream Home!

Residences for the upcoming winter are filling up quickly across Arizona, but right now, you’ve still got plenty of options in short term housing.  If you’re looking to fly south to escape the cold, contact WeRentHomesAz today to ask about prices and availability!   Copyrights 2014. All rights reserved.