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Fall Is The Perfect Time For An Arizona Vacation

by weRentAZ | 5th September, 2014

Arizona desert in fallIf you haven’t seen Arizona in the fall, you’re truly missing out.

We totally understand why one wants to visit the desert in the summer, but once fall approaches and the evenings cool off it’s a whole new story.   An Arizona vacation in late September and October Is absolutely spectacular for nature lovers.

Little Compares To The Beauty Of Arizona In Autumn

Even though we’re in the desert, we still have plenty of wildlife and nature preserves.  In fact, the state parks around central Arizona are known as migrant traps, because even some birds get here and decide, “Hey, that’s far enough South.”  So, if you visit parks like the Hassayampa Preserve or Gilbert Riparian Preserve, you’ll get to see a great variety of Northern birds come home to roost.

Or, visit the Boyce Thompson Arboretum for their “Bye Bye Buzzard” salute to the noble and misunderstood Turkey Vulture before they also head South.  It’s also your last chance to see the year’s Monarch Butterfly migration, before they complete their final journey.

If you’re into seeing the fall colors, Arizona never fails to impress.  The area around Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon on Highway 89A has a huge variety of plant life as well, both native and imported, creating a mix of colors and wildlife you can’t see anywhere else.  As you wind through cacti and trees and the layered canyons, you’ll have snapshots galore you just can’t take anywhere else.

Plus, the desert at night Is truly beyond compare.  In the evenings, it’s pleasantly cool without being cold, and you simply will not find clearer night skies than in the middle of Arizona.   When you gaze upwards, you’ll see for a million miles, with so many stars.

When’s the last time you actually saw the Milky Way galaxy?  Have you ever?

Arizona Vacation Homes Complete The Experience

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