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Experience Glorious Arizona In The Spring, From Your Own Vacation Home

by weRentAZ | 2nd April, 2015

Arizona SpringOK, we’ll be the first to admit it:  It gets pretty darn hot in Arizona in the Summer.  However, Spring is another matter entirely.  Springtimes in Arizona are a mix of clear blue skies with occasional light showers, blooming desert flowers, and vistas where you can see for miles and miles.

The temperature in the Spring is just right – you won’t need a jacket except maybe at night, but without the heat of high Summer.  This is the most beautiful time of year to visit Arizona, and with a climate to match.

Plus, the Phoenix area has plenty of fully furnished houses for rent.  You get a beautiful house to stay in, to match the natural beauty all around you.

Great Spring Attractions To Enjoy In The Phoenix Area

1 – The blooming desert.

The deserts of Arizona are truly never as spectacular as they are in the Spring, with the cacti and sagebrush blooming into a riot of color.  Virtually any drive in nature will leave your camera full of amazing pictures.

However, if you want a bit of direction in your wanderings, check out Lookout Mountain.  It’s not quite as high as some of the other mountains in the area, but it has a fantastic view and is usually not filled with tourists and hikers.  It’s a great place to really connect to nature without fighting crowds.

2 – London Bridge

No, really!  One of Arizona’s stranger attractions is at Lake Havasu, which features the actual London Bridge used between 1830 and the 1960s.  It had to be replaced to make room for a more traffic-friendly bridge, so the founders of Lake Havasu bought it.  Then they transported it stone-by-stone and reassembled it in Arizona.

The Lake Havasu area is filled with attractions, but the novelty of London Bridge (and the desert views it provides) always brings onlookers.

3 – The Cactus League!

For some baseball fans, this is the time and place to be, because the Phoenix Area hosts the country’s largest and busiest spring training season.  More than 200 games are played, and all of them are less than an hour away from the furnished houses for rent in Phoenix.  It’s a baseball-lover’s paradise.

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