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Don’t Let The Summer Heat Ruin Your Phoenix Relocation

by weRentAZ | 23rd July, 2015
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With so many houses for rent in Phoenix, we’ve been seeing a huge influx of people moving into the area, both short- and long-term.  Most of the time, moving into the Phoenix area isn’t any different from anywhere else.

But during the summer, it’s another story.

Phoenix is, of course, in the middle of a desert and daily highs will almost always be over 100 degrees.  Such temperatures can be outright dangerous, especially for people engaged in strenuous activities like moving into a new rental home.

For those who aren’t accustomed to working in high temperatures, we’ve put together a list of tips for how to safely move into the houses for rent in Phoenix.

Four Ways To Protect Yourself During A Summer Move-In

1 – Start early.

The daily high temperatures occur during mid- to late afternoon, so mornings are relatively cooler.  The idea of getting up at daybreak to haul boxes inside might not sound fun, but it will be far easier than trying to work in the high daytime heat.

2 – Take plenty of breaks.

Listen to your body!  It’s probably working harder in the summer heat than it’s needed to in a long time.  This isn’t a race, and taking rest breaks frequently will help ensure your body doesn’t overheat.

Consider taking the afternoon off entirely, and only work in the morning and evening.

3 – Keep hydrated!

When working in the summer, it’s nearly impossible to drink “too much” water or sports drinks.  Your body will be sweating it off as fast as you can drink them.  Basically, if you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated.   So drink clear fluids constantly.

Also, avoid caffeine and alcohol while working, as they will only dehydrate you further.

4 – Stay in the shade when possible.

There can easily be a ten-degree difference -or more- between sun and shade during a Phoenix summer.  Try to arrange your working space to maximize your time in the shade, like keeping the moving van under a tree.

Be Safe When Moving Into Houses For Rent In Phoenix

Every year, roughly 2,000 people in Arizona end up in the emergency room for heat-related health conditions.  There’s no reason to endanger yourself when moving into a new home.  Take it slow and protect yourself, and you’ll have a great time living in the Phoenix area.

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