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ASU Off Campus Housing: Be A Good Tenant

by weRentAZ | 17th September, 2015

off campus housing maintenanceThere are plenty of great options in ASU off campus housing this fall, like the large number of rental homes currently available at competitive prices across the greater Phoenix metro area.  If you’re looking into this -or already signed a lease- you’re going to have a great time living in style while you study.

However, it’s important to remember that renting a house is still a significant responsibility.    Just like when renting an apartment, damage done can be deducted from your deposit, or even billed afterwards.  Being a good tenant avoids this, while ensuring the next renter gets a home that’s every bit as nice as the one you’re renting now.

ASU Off Campus Housing:  Five Ways To Be A Better Tenant 

1 – Know your responsibilities.

It’s fairly standard for house rental agencies to take care of some of the upkeep.  Groundskeeping services are quite common, for example.  However, it’s important to go over your lease with the landlord and make sure you understand which aspects of the property are your responsibility to keep up with.

2 – Follow all pet rules.

Landlords will vary on whether they allow pets, and what restrictions are on them.  It’s vital to adhere to this part of the lease, because few things can wreck a rental property faster than animals.  In some cases, they can even be cause for eviction.

3 – Clean up immediately after any parties.

The easiest way to accumulate trash in a rental home or on its lawn is by not cleaning up the evening or morning after a party.  The longer it stays, the more chance procrastination will take hold, and then it’s potentially a very expensive cleaning bill.

4 – Promptly report any maintenance issues.

Unlike most apartment complexes, home rental agencies have every reason to keep the property in prime condition.  If there’s a clogged pipe or broken AC, or similar problems, call the owner ASAP.  Delays might make you responsible for further damage, such as a clogged pipe turning into a flooded bathroom.

5 – Divide up chores with your housemates.

One of the easiest ways to ensure all the chores get done is a simple timetable, with a fair division of responsibility.  Often, you may even discover that everyone has preferred jobs that they don’t mind doing.  This helps ensure everything always gets done.

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