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Arizona Vacation Rentals Complete Your Camping World 500 Trip!

by weRentAZ | 15th November, 2016

NASCAR fans throughout the southwest are already revving their engines in anticipation for next year’s premiere Cup series.  The Camping World 500 (previously the Good Sam 500) is one of the most popular early waypoints on the road towards the championship, and it’s of course being held right here in Phoenix.

The Camping World 500 is held in our very own Phoenix International Speedway, a fan favorite on the racing scene thanks to the unique geography of Arizona.  Hills surrounding the track provide a variety of great views -and often for very low prices- while the unique tri-oval “doglegged” design adds an additional twist to the race.

Plus, it’s held at a perfect time of year in the Phoenix area: mid-March.   With average lows in the low 50s and average highs in the mid-70s, you simply could not ask for more comfortable weather to enjoy the race… or even an extended Phoenix vacation.

And with prices on Arizona vacation rentals so low, that’s a tempting proposition.

Live Like A Winner During The Camping World 500

The greater Phoenix/Tempe area has far more rental homes on the market than most metro areas, which makes them a great alternative to the usual hotels and motels.

Our Phoenix vacation rental homes are fully maintained.  After all, we have to think about our property values!  The grounds are entirely taken care of by professionals, and the interior will always be immaculate when you move in.  Whether it’s just for the Camping World 500 weekend, or for an extended stay, the lawn and grounds will always be taken care of for you.

Most of our homes feature 2-3 bedrooms, and the same number of baths, so this is an excellent option for large parties or full family vacations.  On a per-person basis, it’s often cheaper than even a nice hotel.  Plus, every room is fully furnished, so there’s room on the couch for even more NASCAR fans.

You get so much more for your money as well.  Depending on the home, you could have:

  • A full-sized kitchen
  • Deluxe leather furniture
  • A full-size garage
  • Outdoor cooking facilities, like a BBQ bit or grill
  • Private swimming pool access
  • And more!

With easy access to all the sights of Phoenix, a vacation rental home is the perfect way to see the Camping World 500.

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